Monthly Archives: May 2014

“An expert in anything was once a beginner”

I feel it is important to acknowledge that we are all learning all of the time.

The term ‘lifelong learner’ has been coined to describe someone who is keen to better themselves and wants to carry on educating themselves.

We can forget sometimes that those around us at work and in the home are learning from us. I saw a really sad picture last week in one of our daily newspapers of a man encouraging his toddler to inhale a cigarette.  I am sure like me, we all have stories about when a word which should not be spoken by children slips out and we think we have gotten away without it being noticed. Sometimes hours or days later however we realise how much our child picks up and learns. What amazes me is how they know exactly which word to use to cause maximum embarrassment!

I was working as a coach with a student teacher who was irritated and losing his self belief because he had not yet been graded as outstanding in a lesson observation. He seemed to feel that he was owed an outstanding grade because he was last to leave the department at night and first to arrive. This quote seemed very apt for this situation.

He will become an outstanding teacher of that I have no doubt at all.